About Vaughn

A varied background in art, media and technology informs Vaughn’s current role and    interests in themed entertainment. He looks to influence and create experiences that are a joy to the participant while shrouded in a bit of mystery as to how it is all done.

An early builder of social gathering places in immersive 3D worlds, he collaborated on construction of pavilions for virtual trade shows, new environments for virtual classrooms and educational institutions, and pre-visualizations for real-world architectural projects.

Vaughn guided entertainment production companies in launching a prototype for a virtual theme park, including a large-scale social gaming experience.

Vaughn is currently working to create and manage large-scale interactive events and content-rich presentations, influencing the end user experience using existing tools for content creation as well as exploring new technological options for enhancing that experience. He looks forward to new challenges and new opportunities.

His ever evolving goal is to combine the best of art and technology to create immersive, engaging and transportive experiences.